Public Education Is Not An Equal Education Essay

842 Words Jan 20th, 2015 4 Pages
The purpose of public education should be to give students a free and equal education. While I do believe that public education provides an abundant education for some, I also believe it hinders and holds back others. Public education gives students a free and unequal education. Inner-city students attend public schools where they lack books and engaged teachers. They are expected to learn without the necessary resources. Inner-city students don’t have the funds they need to gain an equal education. Suburban students who attend public schools are given books and teachers who want to be in the classroom teaching. Suburban students are taught and expected to make it beyond just graduating high school they are taught not to just pass the test but to actually know what they are being tested on. Public education is not an equal education opportunity. I believe that the purpose of unequal public education is to keep inner-city students in the inner-city. I have always heard the saying “public education is another way to keep the poor man down” and considering I received my education from inner-city schools I also understand the saying. . Being a student from an inner-city public school, I was always taught that you have to be twice as good as suburban students because of the statistics society already puts on your abilities. The inequalities of public education is another way to keep inner-city students “down”. They are held behind because they don’t receive an equal education,…

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