Essay on Horace Mann : Report Of The Massachusetts Board Of Education

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Horace Mann – Report of the Massachusetts Board of Education (1848)
On May 4, 1796, Horace Mann was born in Franklin, Massachusetts. Horace Mann is the first great American advocate of public education and is known as the “Father of the Common School”. Mann advocated that all children should receive equal schooling in reading, writing, arithmetic, and science; although he never received such education. He was born into poverty, but encouraged by his parents to become an educated man. Mann’s early education consisted of a combination of attending the district school, however, he was primarily self-taught in basic reading and writing. He later attended Brown University for law. In 1823, Mann was elected to the Massachusetts Legislature and had an interest in education and social reform; hence he consistently debated that education, philanthropy, and republicanism would benefit mankind as a whole. In 1835, Mann was elected as the Massachusetts’s Senate, where he continued addressing the quality of education. In 1837, Massachusetts’ had created the nation’s first Board of Education with Mann as the secretary (Horace Mann). Mann used his position to create an education reform while spreading his ideas that public education ought to free, fair, and available to all; so that people of different social classes may have the opportunity to status in society.
While reading the Report of the Massachusetts Board of Education 1848, by Horace Mann, I quickly identified why he was…

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