Ptsd : What It Is Essay

1767 Words Dec 19th, 2016 8 Pages
PTSD: What It is and How to Cope
Callie O. Sizemore
Perry Central High School

My research paper today is on how to cope with PTSD. PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is a mental health problem anybody could get, depending on what happened to create the event, such as fighting in a war, or a natural disaster, like Hurricane Katrina. These events can induce extreme levels of stress when mentioned. Thousands of people in the United States alone have PTSD, and many do not know any positive ways to cope with their condition.

People having problems coping with their traumatic event will use certain defense mechanisms, from repression to substance abuse, tailspin into alcoholism, and/or avoid anything that person could link to their trauma. But, there are better ways to cope with and treat a person’s PTSD than using the defense mechanisms that lead to the detrimental addictions that most people would need therapy for later on.

What coping method I plan on doing is art therapy, specifically writing stories. While, there are many ways to do art therapy, such as utilizing other kinesthetic skills like music, dancing, any form of creative and expressive movement, or, creative writing (my personal favorite way of dealing with the stressors of high school life.)

What art therapy is, well, it is what it sounds like: therapy with art. There is a variety of ways to use art therapy to deal with your specific stress. For those with PTSD,…

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