Psythropology And Ethnography Theory

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She chose and directed activities for students. The students were respondent to the teacher’s order. They worked individually, in pairs, in groups as directed by the teacher.
The analysis or the result was in the pedagogy and focused on 4 skills of IELTS test. In each analysis, the researchers gave the things or the information they got with a clear explanation for it.
The level of context was not mentioned in the analysis. g. Recurrent patterns
No recurrent patterns were described in the study. h. Cultural interpretation
Although students from different backgrounds but cultural interpretation in the analysis part was not mentioned in the study. i. Implications for teaching
The study pointed out some implications for teaching IELTS tests in the conclusion part. The first one was instruction in test- taking techniques from technique in oral test to paper tests. The second was language awareness. Another implication was the teacher and learners should pay attention to the content, activities and the materials for the program because nowadays, learners are experienced with multidimensional social practices. This also stresses the role of the teacher who instructs

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