Psychosocial Factors Affecting the Patient and Health Care Professional

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Psychosocial Factors Affecting the Patient and Health Care Professional

Every person is diverse in many ways. It is through their thoughts, encounters, life experiences that make people who they are today. Health care professionals are impacted everyday with their psychosocial factors that they are aware of and unaware of.” Some may believe that considering psychosocial factors is impractical because of time constraints (Falvo, Pg 82). There are health care professionals that ignore or try avoiding patient’s psychosocial factors because of feelings of being overwhelmed or incompetent because they don’t know how to handle the issue at hand. An example would be a doctor prescribing medication to a patient who does not believe in
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Educating the patient should consist with relating information towards the patient, giving clear recommendations, and giving time to the patient to digest the information/ ask questions. The key to this is also by developing a trusting relationship that is built with respect. According to Falvo (2011), “The better able health professionals are to tailor patient teaching to the individual patient, the greater the likelihood that patients will be able to follow recommendations given. Recognizing the individual needs and priorities of each patient helps health professionals to present information in a way that is meaningful to the individual and will enhance their ability to follow recommendations” (Pg. 84). As long as the patient is treated with respect and the patient is involved in making decisions to improve ones health the outcome will be positive.
The role of the family in patient education plays a key part. “We are all part of a social group, whether it consists of family, friends, culture, or a religious group. Each group establishes its own norms or values to which individuals within the group are expected to subscribe and adhere” (Falvo, Pg 87). Family support systems can be either a positive or a negative attribute to the patient’s situation. Family can have a major impact on the patient recovery or treatment plan. According to Falvo (2011), “Even if the patient has sufficient knowledge, skill, motivation, and attitude to carry out the

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