Psychology And Theatre : An Art Form For Over 2000 Years And Is Not Going Anywhere Anytime

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Theatre has been an art form for over 2,000 years and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Theatre is an art form that analyzing the human condition and is also utilized as a way of entertainment and escape from the harsh realities of the world. This art form creates a safe place within the theater venue and the world of the play for humans to experience human actions and emotions in a safe way; someone can experience the emotion of the death of a loved one without actually having a loved one die. This safety is one of the many things that make theatre so valuable and important. Though there is some much gained from this art form there are a lot of complication for the persons invested in the profession of theatre itself.
The studies of positive psychology and theatre have a lot of correlation and I feel positive psychology can help advance the field of theatre production. Both these are studies of the human condition and both discuss how a space affects a person’s well-being and actions. Increased well-being will help in facing adversity in the world of theatrical production and design is a need I have witnesses in the under recognized world of theatre production.
Collaboration is essentials when designing and producing a production. Every single piece has to work together in order to make the theatre machine function properly. There is extreme value in having high quality relations with these other collaborators. According to Emily Heaphy,…

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