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Of course not everyone has looked in depth into psychology to know what it is really about, but the claim that psychology is just a counseling degree is hindering a lot of jobs that is in the psychology field. It’s very interesting to hear people responses when I ask them what comes to mind when they hear the word psychology and majority of the people responded counseling. I didn’t know that so many people in society were ignorant when it comes to psychology and the things you can do with a psychology degree. Psychology itself means the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, the mental characteristics or attitude of a person, and the mental and emotional factors governing a situation (). With all that being said psychology is just the study of how the mind works and that knowledge can be applied to any job a Psychology Degree is not just for counseling. Psychology happens to be the second most favorable major on college campuses. Just knowing and understanding how the human mind operates can be applied to any job from mechanic to criminal justice. But the field of psychology itself offers an impressive amount of career options—from life coaching, counseling, family and individual therapy to research, teaching, and prescribing medication to treat and prevent disorders of the mind (). One of the reasons a Psychology major or course is so favorable is because it does not only teach you about others, but also yourself. Psychology courses open your mind to help…

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