Psychology And Become A Counselor Who Works With Teens And Young Adults

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My dream is to major in psychology and become a counselor who works with teens and young adults. For me, it 's more specific than supporting others through the trials of adolescence and adulthood. As a counselor, I want to make sure that no one else has to fight mental illness alone, the same way I had to for many years.

My experiences with mental illness started with my first suicidal though at age eight. Back then, I hadn 't developed many close relationships, and I struggled with being an only child. At the time, I thought it was the only way to end the overwhelming loneliness I felt. I tried to talk to others about how I felt, omitting the part about suicide, but I was dismissed on account of how "lucky" I supposedly was as an only child. That was how I learned to bottle up my feelings. Over the years, I began to find ways to make the most out of my solitude: getting lost in books, browsing the internet, or exploring my own thoughts. Because of how quiet I was, I was perceived as thoughtful and responsible - "wise beyond my years," as others put it. I was trusted enough to be left to my own devices without any question. Unfortunately, the thoughtfulness that others praised was the same thing that plagued my mind when I was trying to sleep. I spent nights wondering about my purpose in life, and ultimately, if life itself had any meaning. The first time I opened up about my feelings, I was cut off before I could finish. Apparently, I wasn 't "supposed to be thinking about…

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