Psychologist Vs. Lawyer. Essay

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Psychologist vs. Lawyer
Ever since I was a child, I have been asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. My answer at the time was that I wanted to be a pilot. Growing up, I have realized that I 'm not even interested in becoming a pilot. During my high school years, I began to find interest in law, yet I was attracted to activities that involved counseling and helping others. [transition sentence = ‘because of this, I have researched careers and have focused my attention to two different fields’]. A behavioral psychologist studies the behaviors of a person and helps them modify their reaction in difficult situations. On the other hand, a family helps a client who is getting a divorce. Although a behavioral psychologist and a family lawyer have different salaries and benefits, their work-life balance and career outlook are similar.
A behavioral psychologist makes an average salary of 69 thousand dollars annually. The salary of a behavioral psychologist may differ or increase due to experience and their degree. In my case, I’d be able to manage my own schedule. "Psychologists use their expertise to help individuals or groups improve relations with others and understand themselves better" (Learn). Being a behavioral psychologist, I would be capable of understanding myself and the people that surround me better. Also, It would help me on my personal life and teach my how to manage difficult situations.
Similarly, the average salary of a Family lawyer is 69 thousand dollars per…

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