Psychological Theories And Models Have Studied How People Choose Their Career

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Many psychological theories and models have studied how people choose their career. Many of the theories have adapted their basic concepts and tried to explain how people select their career from their own perspective. They have also tried to reconcile the different aspect of the human beings and the different aspect that influence people when choosing their careers. From a psychodynamic standpoint, Erik Erikson, a developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst, related the psychosocial stages of human development with career choice. Erikson proposed eight developmental stages that represent special period of importance through the. The crucial psychosocial stage that links the identity formation and career chose is identity vs. role confusion (Corey, 2012). This period is a transition between childhood and adulthood. Adolescents test limits and develop a sense of autonomy from parents, define their sexual orientation, establish new identity, internalized morality, and also face a decision for a career choice (Corey, 2012). According to Erikson, this is a stage for major conflicts, children and adolescents try to define their personal identity, and also they try to develop a unified concept of the self and a sense of personal identity in order to answer the age- old of question of “Who am I?” (Brown, 2002). This question brings another important question to table that is “What do I want to do in my life?” Adolescence period is a difficult period but this particular time…

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