Psychological Evaluation Of Physical Risk Psychological Safety

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Several prior studies argue that physical risk psychological safety may relate to inner psychological safety (Makin and Winder, 2008, Lu and Tsai, 2008, Wachter and Yorio, 2013). For example, Kahn (1990) contends that physical factor relates to the psychological availability of an employee. Kahn defines that psychological availability is the sense of having the physical, emotional or psychological resources to personally engage at a particular moment (p. 1989). Accordingly, psychological availability relates to the psychological safety feeling of an employee to get engaged with his/her work. In addition, Amponsah-Tawiah et al. (2013) in their study examine the impact of physical risk factors on employee’s safety experience. They assert that hazards in the physical work environment have a significant impact on employee’s safety experience. Hence, it may argue that physical risk psychological safety affects employee’s psychological safety as an individual. Even though Khan did not mention physical safety factors as a dimension of psychological safety, the researcher asserts that the physical safety climate is related to psychological safety. Arguably, this physical safety will influence the psychological safety of an employee as an individual.
Moreover, Walker and Hutton (2006) reveal some obligations of employer and employee regarding to safety climate. They emphasise that the ability of the company to provide safety audit and training becomes one of the factors to create a…

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