Supervisor Training Essay

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Introduction For my next few weeks of training we still focused on safety and how to implement different types of safety plans and precautions. And how it can affect the operators and them working safely and in a proficient manner. So for another part of my initial training for Assistant Supervisor was focused on loads and different types. Ranging from containers exports and domestic loads and, their arrangements. For some of the different loads there are different requirements that has to be meet far as paper work and shipping arrangement. So for my training for Assistant Supervisor we covered wide arrange of different types and needs for these shipments. We also covered our incentive bonuses and how they are acquired in the different types of things we do every day. Far as unloads that we receive …show more content…
As a Supervisor, it is my personal responsibility to ensure that all personnel are at all times following our company safety guidelines. I must constantly stress the importance of safety to my Assistant Supervisors and operators on a daily basis to ensure everyone is putting safety first.

Conclusion Throughout my training, I have had the opportunity to spend time in each of the shipping areas. I have myself with some of the standard loading arrangements and observed new loading methods now being used in some areas. I have also spent time reviewing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the shipping department in general and for each shipping area in particular. As a part of my Assistant Supervisor training, I learned a lot of how to maintain a safely working environment and how ship product to our customers safely. During this month, I also been part of a ten-minute education training focused on the operations fork lift safety and the all-around safety of working in the warehouse. And working with the retrievers and being able to operate them safely and

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