Psychological, Emotional, And Cognitive Aging Essay

1045 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
This interview was taken place on November 2, 2015. I interviewed an older women living in an urban area who is 72 years and who is a cooperator of the previous interview. The main topics about interview are psychological, emotional, and cognitive aging which are not dimension of physical aging because I already asked her physical dimension of aging for previous interview. In other words, the topic is her experience and her life in relation to her emotional, psychological and cognitive dimensions. She is an active older person, and she seems to have younger mentality. Since she is trying many things and she is very positive about aging, it is difficult to image her psychological, emotional, and cognitive aging. However, there are the realty of these dimensions she has faced.
Cognitive Ability She has faced less memory-ability. It is difficult that she remembers the name of things, place, and people she definitely knows. She told me that now, she does not know most name of young celebrities. This fact remains her of her age. Thus, she often uses pronouns to explain a word so that she can tell what she wants to say. For instance, when she went to Whole Foods to get daily commodity, she forgot what she needs and got none of what she planed to purchase. Although she takes a memo before shopping, she frequently forgets to bring the note. Another example is that she cannot remember her friends name sometimes when she meets them, or she cannot remember someone who…

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