Psychodynamic Model Of Abnormal Psychology

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Ever since the beginning of time, psychologists have tried to explain how and why humans behave the way that they do. In the field of Psychology, the branch of Abnormal Psychology was created to better explain the unusual side of behavior. To better understand abnormal psychology, several models and approaches were created to get a better grasp on the concept of abnormal psychology. From focusing on the psychological makeup of a person to determining what environmental factors plays a role in behavior, these models tackle all sides of psychology.
Out of all the various models of abnormality, I believe that the Psychodynamic model does the best job of explaining abnormality behavior. This model was first introduced by Sigmund Freud, but the
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The foundation of the Biological approach states that psychological issues are caused by physical issues. Studies from scientist such as Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall, and Harry Harlow have all contributed to this theory (McLeod 2015). From their studies, they found scientific proof that certain behaviors can be learned and unlearned based on different environmental factors. With these findings, the field of psychology started to conduct more research to find how the brain functions. With the use of brain scans and Electroencephalograms, scientists have been able to find correlations between genetics and mental disorders. As a result of the Biological approach, researchers have been able to find out more information about certain psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Now in the present day, researchers are still expanding on these findings. More research facilities are now trying to delve more into the biological model to analyze heritable disorders and see why certain psychological disorders are more common than others (Keller & Miller …show more content…
Both the Biological and the Psychodynamic models are too determinate in their approach. These models attempt to tackle one side of abnormal psychology without tackling all the other sides of the topic. Each is lacking an important aspect that the other model excels in. While the Biological model does show how important the genetic make-up of everyone is, it does not look into how an individual’s experiences can affect how severe their behavior can become. The opposite can be said about the Psychodynamic model. It only tackles the experiences of why a person feels and behaves a certain way without considering the biological make-up of a person. By being too determined on one side of psychology, both approaches miss opportunities to expand their way of thinking and find new ways to help

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