Psy 227 : Reaction Paper

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PSY 227: Reaction Paper 2
I Want Your Love: Pornography or Should it be Considered Something Else
In modern society, pornographic representations are growing to become more acceptable in all aspects of life. Alongside this progression, the expanse of the pornographic genre has been increasing dramatically in the past few years. Pornography is defined as any material that depicts human sexuality with the purpose to cause sexual excitement. I believe this definition gives an oversimplification of pornography that leaves room for speculation about the material’s purpose.
The longer version of the film I Want Your Love features graphic depictions of homosexuality that is heavily supplemented with character development and story progression. The addition of the non-sexual aspects of the film obscures the purpose of the film. Furthermore, the positive sexual aspects that are displayed in the short sex scenes are not evocative of pornography. Pornography stereotypically, features unrealistic body types, unsafe sexual actions, is oversexualized and does not place any emphasis on consent or narrative. The main actors of the film are average looking males with realistic body features. Additionally, the sex scenes display the use of condoms and the actors frequently talk about consent. The actual sexual acts that occur resemble real-life depictions of two people sharing a mutual sexual experience rather than an individual’s oversexualized fantasy. The sex was intimate, gentle, and…

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