Analysis Of Challenging The Myth Of Sex Addiction By Marty Klein

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What is an addition?
Many people across the world are struggling with an addition. Whether it’s cigarettes, drugs or even alcohol. A lot of people are struggling with something more and more every day. However there is a question that goes across peoples mind at least once in their lives and that would be is sex an addiction. As many people would argue that sex is not an addiction because it is something that you can control something that you don’t have to do. However that goes back to alcoholics they are many people who are addicted to alcohol. They don’t have to do it but yet many people still continue to do it because of the feeling that it gives them. Many people say that when they drink it takes the pain away, it allows them to think
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Challenging the Myth of Sex addiction”. We notice that Author Marty Klein does an excellent Job with the argument on whether or not sex is truly an addiction or not. Marty Klein believes that sex is not an addiction feels that it is all in peoples head and that it is a decision that they choose to do. He feels that people make immature regretful choices when they choose to have sex. Therefore because of this he feels that sex is not an addiction. Even though author Marty Klein does an effective Job in presenting why and why not sex is a true or addiction or not. I would have to disagree with his facts of why sex is not an addiction. He feels because it is a choice that people make it cannot be an addiction. However there are people who can’t even put down a cigarette or even a can of Budweiser, while they have a choice to stop things or continuing I feel the same rules apply when it comes to sex. Sex is feeling that we as people receive when we commit act. Just like when it comes to alcohol and cigarettes there for I believe sex can be considered an addiction to some people. We see in paragraph 20 where author Marty Klein talks about a test that people can take to see whether or not they are sex addicts or not. He talks about some sample questions may consist of “you regularly purchase porn or romance novels, you have multiple romantic involvements, you use sex or romantic fantasies for escape and your partner complains about your sexual behavior”. While Marty Klein is able to point out these sample questions as a result what people would be asked if they take this test he also quotes that many people will have common answers. You can find where quotes this in paragraph 20 as well where he quotes “For most Americans, the answer to at least some of these questions is, “Sure—isn’t this normal?” And this is part of the problem with diagnosing “sex addiction”—too much common sexual behavior and experience gets

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