Psalm 104 Thesis Statement Essay examples

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Themes for Psalm 104

Yahweh’s relationship to the natural world

Yahweh exercises his kingly rule over creation, not through mankind's dominance, but through his direct rule and intervention of his Spirit

God’s mighty acts in nature (“the earth is satisfied by the fruit of His work” — Psalm 104:13)

The Positive Outlook On Life – Psalm 104:34

How many are your works, O LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. Psalm 104:24

A. Hymns in General
Psalms 8; 19; 29; 33; 65; 67; 68; 96; 98; 100; 103; 104; 105; 111; 113; 114; 117; 135; 136; 139; 145-150.
1. Introduction: A call to praise, sing, and rejoice to Yahweh in some form. 2. Body: The reasons why Yahweh should be praised
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Verse 13 goes back to the picture of the world that God made. He is still pouring water on to the mountains from above the skies! Now we know that rain comes from the sea.
It is God that makes the plants to grow. Men and animals use these plants for food, (verses 14 - 15). The oil in verse 15 is not the oil we use in cars. It is from a fruit called the olive. It helps people to have good health, so that their faces shine. He makes the tree to grow. Birds make their homes (or nests) in them. The stork is a big bird with long legs, long neck and long beak. The beak is a bird’s mouth. The mountains, hills and rocks near them are homes for other animals, such as wild goats and rabbits, (verses 16-18). A rabbit is a small animal with long ears. Its hair (called fur) is very soft. The rabbits in verse 18 live in places where there are many rocks. Another name for them is coneys.
Verses 19 - 23 are about time. The seasons in verse 19 are not spring, summer, autumn and winter; or wet and dry seasons. They are the months. For the *Jews, each month started with a new moon. This is the 28-day lunar (moon) month. The sun goes down each evening, starting a new day for the *Jews. Their day started at 6 o’clock each evening.
God made the night. That was when night-animals come out from their dens (their homes). As an example, the *psalmist writes about the lion. This large animal eats other animals. It even eats people! It roars (makes a loud noise) while it hunts

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