Proudly Propane Ad Analysis

The task at hand is to break down certain aspects of a propane ad by “Proudly Propane” and attempt to define and compare those aspects to assess the characteristics of a fuel like Propane. The ad claims that propane is a “Clean, reliable and efficient energy source” but does not offer to define or elaborate on these claims. Therefore, through context and comparison the ad’s claims of Clean and Efficient will be assessed, in addition to the Importance/Reliance, Sustainability, and Affordability of propane.
The ad has not given an explicit definition for what it refers to as a clean fuel. Therefore, using the context of the ad and commonly accepted definitions, we can deduct that clean means a fuel that burns completely, and contains little in the way of other non-combustible particulates and components that will produce soot, ash, or other harmful byproducts. Therefore, propane is an example of a clean fuel in this context, because it burns relatively cleanly in comparison to other fossil fuels such as coal and oil, (considered unclean) because it does not release as many greenhouse gasses and byproducts after combustion. However,
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The ad presents no quantifiable comparison of propane against its alternatives, with vast room for interpretation with what the ad claims about propane. However, through using context and how fuel characteristics are commonly defined, we can assess that the ad’s claims of Clean and Efficient are true in relation to other fossil fuels and in specific uses, however they are very loose and vague claims. In addition, propane has shown to be lackluster in the way of Importance, Sustainability, and Affordability. Therefore, while aesthetically pleasing and a solid ad from a marketing perspective, this propane ad does not deliver a convincing, logical case of propane being clean and efficient, let alone “man’s best

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