Protozoa Essay

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These microbes have many different kinds; however, protozoan infections are the other kinds of eukaryotic microbes. Also, there are several things that we will not touch upon their slime, and they are considered microbes in the microscopic algae.
There are protozoa collectively; we can call three protests. The protozoa is our diverse group of unicellular eukaryotes that they consist of just one cell in very famous the Paramecium which is a protozoan with Cecilia on the tiny hair like extrusions around the surface. You can look at a drop of pond water and see the Paramecium. They are very tiny protozoans swimming around. In addition, human pathogens see these happen to be protozoan like there are flagellated protozoans that cause human disease
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Antibiotics can cause with the loose stools, you can see that the bacteria have good or bad in the gut. This can make to be change in the digestive imbalance which it just have little the useful bacteria in the digestive of body. Also, you can have the treatment in this case by using probiotics like eating something sour in the fruit or yogurt. Because it is contained these good ingredients, it help you to consider digestive imbalance. When you can check in the misdiagnosis, it can have the relevant to be good diagnosis in this case. Also, infections are the reason of protozoa communicable. In the intestine of human, those protozoa seem to resident here. They can pass from one person to others the oral cavity. We can understand that they will receive food from the protozoa infection people like contact or touch each other. Moreover, the protozoa live in the tissue and blood, and it can pass through a mosquito. We realize that the infection is very dangerous with our life. They can carry a lot of diseases with parasite. Importantly, the patient with this disease should avoid contacting with others. The immune systems of person are very important so that we should protect ourselves with these infections. The protozoan infections can be dived four groups, and the groups depend on how the protozoan infections move like the Sporozoa, the sarcodina (ameba), mastigophora (flagellates), and ciliophora (ciliates).
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Generally, the protozoa are mentions to the animal protists whereas they can be movement. Also, there are some protozoa infections cause diseases for human. The protozoa can cause with these different pathogens in life like Leishmaniasis. Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by a group of protozoan parasites called Leishmaniasis. There are over twenty different species that can infect humans across the world. There are about 1.3 million new cases of Leishmaniasis every year causing about twenty to thirty thousand deaths. It affects some of the poorest countries in the world; the Leishmaniasis parasite is transmitted to humans through a bite of an infected female sand fly. There are over 90 species of sand flies known to transmit Leishmaniasis parasites sand flies can get infected when they bite a person or animal infected with Leishmaniasis. There are many animal species that can carry the parasite including rodents, dogs and foxes. They care very common Leishmaniasis can be passed from person to person through blood transfusions infected needles and syringes or congenitally from mother to baby. This is not everyone who gets infected by Leishmaniasis parasites to develop the disease, and people can be infected with Leishmaniasis aisle without showing any clinical signs or symptoms. There are three different clinical types of Leishmaniasis cutaneous visceral and mucosal cutaneous. Leishmaniasis is the most

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