Essay on Proton Issue in Malaysia

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1 Introduction

This paper investigates the background, history, problems emerged and ways to improve of Proton cars in Malaysia. The objective of this paper is not only to find out the problems faced by Proton, but also to discuss the ways in order to improve the Proton reliability and retrieve the supporter’s heart to keep using Proton car in the automotive sector.

However, in this competitive time where there are a lot of so-called competitors such as Hyundai, Toyota, and Perodua no matter foreign or local brand cars had caused the Proton car buyers to reduce significantly. This phenomenon occurred not merely because of the high quality of other cars; it also ascribed by Proton’s problems itself.

This can be seen as the
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PROTON cars are making their mark internationally as competitive and innovative automobiles. They are now being exported to 50 countries including the highly competitive United Kingdom and continental European markets. With concerted and unswerving commitment from customers, business associates, shareholders, government agencies, and employees, PROTON is realizing its goal of being an internationally successful Malaysian automotive manufacturer. It is achieving this by being customer oriented and by producing competitively priced and innovative products. With solid base built up over the last 10 years, Malaysia's car manufacturing industry is progressing vigorously. Thus, it is contributing to Malaysia's attainment of Vision 2020.

3 Problems

Nowadays, PROTON’s reputation is getting worse. There are many problems which cause this phenomenon to occur. The problems emerged because of low product quality, and poor service attitude.

3.1 Quality Problems

According to surveys, there are a lot of complaints about the low quality of Proton cars. Almost every part of Proton cars has its own problems which eventually causes dissatisfaction of the Proton cars buyers. For example, there are complaints about the malfunction of air-conditioner regulator, steering, signal lights, and audio player control buttons.

For the air-conditioner regulator, it does

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