The Protests In Vietnam

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In the year of 1965 The United states of America had began to deploy troops to fight communism in the country of Vietnam. The U.S. would find themselves with new problems both overseas and at home. During the war there was a great amount of conflict that grew on American soil. Many people in the U.S. did not believe in the U.S. involvement in the war and made that clear through a series of violent and non-violent protests and demonstrations. Along with the problems in the U.S., there were many problems soldiers faced over seas. Soldiers had to fight against in army that used tactics they had never seen before, had to live in terrible conditions, and lacked the morale needed to fight a war. In result of this the U.S. was forced to withdraw …show more content…
The protests against war made some soldiers feel like they did not have the support of their fellow countrymen. This can play a large role in the morale of the people fighting in this war. A very important aspect to winning a war believes in what you are fighting for, but this was not the easiest thing for many soldiers in Vietnam. Although the protests and antiwar movements. The protests played a large part in the failure in Vietnam War because they were affective. In the long run the protests did have an affect on the government and when the war would be ended. Since the protestors really highlighted how flawed the U.S. policy was during this time. There were also other protests that directly put pressure on the federal court system; members of antiwar groups collected more them 1,000 draft cards and brought them to the directly to the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. By doing this protestors overwhelmed the court with cases on the draft and really caught the attention of the government. The antiwar movement caught the attention of the government and put a spotlight on how flawed the U.S. policies were, this played a large role in the government putting a halt to the seeming unending

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