Protecting A Woman 's Right For An Abortion Essay

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Imagine being raped, and getting pregnant. Imagine having to deal with that awful memory ,because now you have someone that will come into this world, and remind you of that stinging incident. Imagine not being able to get rid of this memory? Imagine knowing your baby has an awful health problem before its birth? What would you do? Thousands of woman go through this. When all doors are shut for them except to bear with it, life turns difficult. Second chances disappear. Not all woman are raped, but woman who aren 't ready for a child, wouldn 't want this responsibility. I strongly agree that there should be a constitutional amendment to protecting a woman 's right for an abortion. Not every woman is ready for a child. Each woman has a different circumstance on how she became pregnant, and what a struggle it would be to raise a child. Being pregnant becomes a hurdle in everyday activities, and mostly importantly, achieving dreams. The Supreme Court thinks of the 1973 Roe v. Wade case as the most controversial. Many laws have been developed such as the UltraSound Display Law. There 's many arguments over it being unconstitutional or constitutional. It is a North Carolina law which is the female must get an UltraSound Examination. The doctor, then makes the fetus visible to the woman. After that it is her sole choice to decide. There were even bans regarding abortion. One of the, was the Federal Ban on Partial Birth Abortions. It…

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