Protect And Serve Or Harass And Assault Essay

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Christopher Sanchez
Professor Jeannie Stokes Cobb
Essay Development T/TH
Final Research Paper

Protect and Serve or Harass and Assault

Being a minority in the United States has never been easy and does not seem to be getting any better. Citizens of the minority community have been exposed to violence by law enforcement for decades. Law enforcement 's duties are to protect and serve, not to harass and assault. Police brutality is an ongoing problem in the United States and needs to be resolved immediately. This research project will examine how police brutality often leads to death because of some officers ' unnecessary physical aggression and poor judgment, some incidents leads to unjust shootings, and finally, the misconduct of police officers. By understanding how police brutality is increasing and the violence that comes with it, police officers can then receive better training and learn how to gauge certain situations to avoid use of violence and abuse their power.
Violent physical assault on a citizen can be judged as improper or unnecessary. Police force should only be used if it helps with an arrest or if they sense their life is in danger. If a citizen is resisting or attacking an officer, then force would be acceptable to a certain extent. Even if there was resistance, the officer could easily restrain the citizen in other ways as a result of proper training. When police officers have the numbers to help arrest a citizen the use of force, should be avoided as…

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