Pros And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social Media

There is a lot of thing that evolve because social media, at this time every thing concern through social media. Every single person becomes addictive with social media, it feels like they have another world and it makes that person becomes another person, like you have another personality. When social media becomes a habbit, you cannot escape from it. That’s why social media is really a bad place for people. We never get enough of using it. We often look at the posivities about social media rather than the negative about social media, that’s why I choose the pro that social media give a negative effect.

Social media is a platform for us to bassicly connect with another person around the world. There is a lot of things that you can access throught social media and you
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Bassicly you talk with them virtually. That’s why I said that social media make our life easier.

⎯ It helps our stuff to get done Like if you need anything just search for it in social media. Back in the day if you need some information or something you have to get out to find information or something that you need, now we have social media. With the power of social media you can get information or stuff with a click of button.

⎯ Change our life in the past, people get recognize or famous only from television but when social media kicks in, people or someone can get famous from social media. Plus there is this new thing called youtube, instagram, and many more. Like a tiny thing that you do in your life from funny stuff to crazy stuff then you upload it in social media that can bring you to get famous.

There’s good things or a bad things about social media even tho it’s a bad place but we cannot live without social media. So, the thing that makes social media a bad place is the persone behind it. Its all about how they use it

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