Arguments Against Voluntary Euthanasia

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Voluntary Euthanasia is the medical practice of intentionally ending your own life in order to relieve pain and suffering. The Practice of Euthanasia; physician assisted suicide particularly is a topic that that has long been surrounded by much controversy. Currently only two states in the United States have laws that legalized Physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill, those states being Washington and Oregon. Many people take the opposing side for reasons such as religious beliefs, thoughts that it is unethical or that patients are being weak and just plain giving up. However for a person that may be suffering from a painful and incurable disease, they may see it as a resolution to escape from the never ending pain that they endure …show more content…
In case’s where Euthanasia is legal and available to terminally ill Patents that already know that death is inevitable, regardless if it is done medically or by letting a disease consume them. My reasons for advocating for Voluntary euthanasia is that I feel that it is a humane avenue to allow someone to end their own misery. Terminal disease can cause patients to suffer from excruciating and unbearable pain. The constant pain effects their ability to live a normal life and takes away from their “quality of life.” Being in constant pain may effect a ill person’s abilities to maintain a normal life style and may even cause them to become immobile and unable to physically care for themselves. The may have to depend on others to provide care for them or possibly have to go into Hospice care. A person bound to a hospital bed may suffer from feelings of hopelessness, depression and may find that life in that manner is not worth …show more content…
Denying a person the ability to end their suffering is the true injustice. In todays day and age we will even take our family pet to the Veterinarian and put them down if they are suffering but still expect a living human being to just push through the pain. This issue is not about religion or personal morals but an issue of the freedom of choice. The fact of the matter is that if you don 't agree with the practice of Euthanasia you don 't have to take part in it but we all should have the freedom to choose what we want for our own life and our bodies to

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