Pros And Cons Of Transition From High School To University

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For many students the transition from high school to university can be quite difficult and even stressful for many. Canadian high school students are not well prepared or well educated when going into university. When students get to university many will be shocked by the shift is teaching styles, going from being taught in a small classroom to going to a huge 400+ lecture hall can be stressful for many. Also, the amount of work you get in university is a lot different than the amount you get in high school. Furthermore, many students move out for university creating more freedom for themselves thus making it harder for them to balance the academic and the social aspect of school more difficult. In the end, transitioning from high school to …show more content…
Many students move away from home for university giving them more freedom right away. In canadian high school, students never learn how to properly manage their time and prioritize work, they are expected to know how manage their time well and get all of their work done. Also, in high schools there is not much freedom at all. The average high school day is very structured, there is a specific time for your classes, your breaks, and lunch but in university the day is not nearly as structured. In university each student has their own schedule and everyone is responsible to get themselves to class. High schools do not prepare students for this because of the structured days. Students never get to experience any sort of freedom during their day in high school so when they arrive at university it is shocking and many students can not handle the responsibility of keeping track of their free time. Therefore, the canadian high school system does not prepare high school students well for the freedom and responsibility of …show more content…
In high school, students are placed into relatively small classes with a teacher that is constantly making sure that all the students are understanding the content whereas in university student go to lectures with more than 400 other students and it is the student 's responsibility to go to the teacher if they do not understand something. High school does not prepare students for this responsibility because everything is just given to them and teachers make sure that everyone understands everything which does not give students to develop a habit of going to ask questions when they do not understand something. Also, the learning environment is very different. In high school, students have the opportunity to get to know all of the other students in their class whereas in university that opportunity is not plausible making the transition from canadian high school to university even more difficult. Also, in high schools, teachers always make sure the students stay on top of all of the homework and projects that students get. When students transition to university they are suddenly responsible for keeping track of all of the homework, readings, midterms, quizzes, and all of the work they have to do. In summary, the style of teaching in canadian high schools and university are very different making the transition for students difficult.

In conclusion, as a result

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