Pros And Cons Of The Vaccination Debate

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The Vaccination Debate

The human immune system is the body’s way of protecting ones self from harmful germs and viruses. Within each individuals body we have white blood cells, which aid in the protection against disease. When these cells detect a germ the immune cells replicate, release antibodies, and then tag the germs for disposal. Afterwards, memory cells are creates so when the same virus comes back the body will be prepared. In order to fight against possible infectious diseases, scientists have developed vaccines, which have been proven to successfully decrease the rate of disease. Vaccines are a weakened or dead part of the actual germ that is injected into an individual. Just enough of the weakened germ is placed within the body
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It is very easy to get this virus because it is airborne and can affect the cells in the throat and lungs. The virus stays on objects for long periods of time and can stay in the air for about two hours. Symptoms of measles are a red rash, muscle pain, fever; others include a cough and a runny nose. As far as reproductive numbers go, or the potential for disease transmission, measures ranks very high at an interval from 12-18. On the other hand, the HIV virus is lower and is at the 2-5 ranges. The reason measles is much more easily to contract is because the virus is airborne and can be transmitted just by breathing in the air or by contact. On the other hand, it is more difficult to contract HIV due to the fact that to get this disease you would have to be exposed to fluids of an infected person through sexual contact, or share a needle with an infected individual. Another virus Ebola has a reproductive number of 1.5-2.5 and can result from coming into contact with bodily fluids. Therefore, the reason measles has the highest reproductive number out of the three viruses is because it can be transmitted through airborne exposure. Due to measles being such an easily transmittable virus, it is very important for near almost everybody within a community to be …show more content…
Andrew Wakefield was stripped of his license because he created false data and created this perception that there is a direct correlation between vaccinations and autism rates. Nonetheless, his study was erroneous and was proved to be false after dozens of studies were done following Wakefield’s which all have proven that his theory was false. Aside from autism, there have been reports that in a very small number of cases that from children may develop fevers, or have prolonged seizures after vaccination. However, there is no clear evidence that vaccinations cause any other serious diseases to occur after one is vaccinated. The effectiveness of vaccinations is proved to be highly true over the years. 500 years ago, one out of every three children would die from infectious disease because of the lack of vaccines. There is much less than a one percent chance of a child having a severe allergic reaction after a vaccination. Therefore, given how unlikely it is to get any diseases because of a vaccination, vaccinations have proven to be not very

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