Pros And Cons Of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults

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Heriberto Rodriguez
Dr. Kim Turnage
English 112
September 28, 2014
Should Juveniles be Tried in Adult Courts? The questions of whether juveniles should be tried as adults have been ask more often then ever. This topic brings controversial within the public. Splitting the public into two sides. Crimes committed by juveniles have increase by 30% in the past couple years (Khan). This causing the debate of whether juvenile’s delinquent should be tried in adult court is the right thing to be doing or not. The people who are for juveniles being tried in adult courts have their own opinion. They believe that by punishing juveniles for their crimes as adult it will set an example to the other juveniles that they can be punish the same way if they commit a crime. They also think crime should be stop when it first begins, before the juvenile commits another crime. These are all reasonable points to be toward juveniles being trial as an adult. Those who are against, think juveniles deserve a second chance.
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The article tackles the cons that young children are committing crimes at a young age of “9 and 10” (Borkar). This kids who commit crimes at such a young age don’t have the capacity to plan a crime out and implement into action and don’t relies the consequences of their actions (Borkar). It also explains that children are not the ones to blame for their actions, but the parents are the ones responsible for the blame. Parents have the responsibility to raise their children and teach them standards, principles, and right from wrong. Its also said children who commit crimes at a young age are not likely to commit crimes when they grow up to an adult, but if they are punish as adult it may change the outcome. Children who are sentence as adults are more likely to forget about the crime over time, but in the other hand adult will think about the crime and will regret their

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