Illegal Vs Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal Immigrant is a foreigner who has entered in a country unlawfully without the country 's authorization and undocumented Immigrant is a growing problem in America. Most Americans believe that both illegal and legal immigrant come to American to steal jobs away from the modern American citizen and to use social service to get welfare, food stamp, and unemployment, but this believe are all false. However, Illegal immigrants have it far worse than legal immigrants because most of them live in fear of being discovered by the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) so they have to live a life of invisibility. They face several risks at the workplace, such as if they get injuries they can’t go to the hospital cause their undocumented, so there for they can’t afford insurance; they work at a risky job that modern American would not work in and yet the …show more content…
In one of the episode, that shows an actor who played Juan as an illegal immigrant from Mexico who works as a busboy. In the show people witness a manager pushes his employee around as he was cleaning the tables unexpectedly they employee decided to fight back by asking when he will get paid, the manager refuses to pay him for his work because he is an illegal immigrant and threatens to call immigration if he demands his pay. Most people got involved and most didn’t. Regardless the fact the Juan was illegal, he should not threaten he is humans and he needs to be treated with respect just like ever another person regardless of their states. This is some illegal person life, at one point they were employed to work and because they don’t have official paperwork that allows them to make a living their employer disrespects and treats them like

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