Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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Control Genetic Engineering Genetic engineering is the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material. Genetic engineering can: cure inherited diseases, modify plants so that they may fight pollution and make bigger/faster growing fruits and vegetables, make cats to glow in the dark, and cows that pass less gas. There are both pros and cons to genetic engineering. With that being said, society wants to know should it be controlled by law. In an article called, “Genetic Engineering Debate: Are There Lines We Shouldn 't Cross?”, it points out the two different views on this new technology. One view was that genetic engineering has cause ethical concerns about, “‘unnaturalness’ of changing a living organism and a fear that scientists are ‘playing God’ through their alterations of an original being.” (Erickson). The other view is a more positive …show more content…
In the end, people have to think whether it does more good than bad, should be allowed or not, and if allowed should it be controlled or not. Since the technology is very new and scientists do not have full knowledge of this technology it should be controlled. Genetic engineering is capable of helping the whole world in multiple ways but just like anything else it can also be too powerful and get out of control. The government should allow it for the simple fact that it has the power to get rid of diseases, however genetic engineering should be regulated. Not everything scientists have done with it for is useful to humans. For example, glow in the dark cats do not help anyone or anything. Government should control this technology by putting limits on what it can be used for and have spectators to watch over whoever is doing the engineering. Genetic engineering is not required but it should be a choice. As long as it is controlled by law it has the potential to change the world forever in a positive

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