Pros And Cons Of Comprehensive Sex Education

In this day, abstinence only sex-ed programs are the only thing available to most kids. I am here to advocate for comprehensive sexuality education programs rather than abstinence (no sex until marriage) only programs.
To correctly argue my point, one has to have a basic understanding of what is happening in schools today. Currently, at least in Texas, there is no well-taught comprehensive sexuality education, and sometimes there is no sex-ed at all. This is a problem because if students don’t get comprehensive sex-ed, they won’t know how to protect themselves against diseases which can lead to harmful diseases and unwanted pregnancies. They also do not inform students about options when pregnancy does occur. Just like with any topic, it is
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What I do know is that many schools in our country don’t have good sex-ed programs. Even if there are sex-ed programs, it is most often an abstinence only class so teens will not know how to use proper protection. Abstinence is a great choice, arguably the best choice, but youth also need to know all the facts. A comprehensive sex-ed class that is abstinence based is fine, as long as it teaches everything needed. Not teaching comprehensive sex-ed can lead to teen pregnancies and/or diseases. With sex-ed programs in school today they are only teaching teens not to have sex. Some argue that if people learn about sex they will become curious. According to this belief, the curiosity will lead to more teens having sex. I believe it to be the opposite. If you teach teens comprehensive sexuality education (including protection), even if abstinence is stressed, then they will know more and be less curious. Also even if after this class they do engage in sexual activity then they will at least know how to properly protect themselves. I also know that in some states, such as Colorado, where they teach comprehensive based sex-ed, there has been a decrease in teen

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