Persuasive Essay On College Raping

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“Are college campuses safe for women to walk around any time of the day or night alone?” I ask myself this because I’m starting to wonder if this question is true or not. The fact that I have to ask this question presents that there’s a problem right there. Hearing more on the news about college raping is something no girl should or want to hear. Each year the numbers are rising and as of right now 20 percent of women are sexually assaulted during their time at college and as few as 5 percent of these assaults are ever reported to the police. We must figure out first, why this raping are happening and what we can do to solve them. I believe that every woman should feel safe when entering college, so this is why I want college raping to end.

A big reason why it is hard to stop the problem is because most schools tend to not even notice it. One reason is because its bad publicity to the school since it shows that the security on campus is terrible. Even though college police are supposed to by law to investigate and adjudicate sexual assault complaints from their students, they have repeatedly proven unwilling or incompetent to do so. In fact, the Department of Education now has eighty-four US schools going under investigation for not treating cases of sexual assault. Some people would disagree that the ways for preventing and
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The Obama administration first attempt to tackle the issue of campus sexual assault in 2011, was when the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights wrote a letter to colleges in the U.S., reminding them that failure to adopt appropriate policies for dealing with sexual misconduct was a violation within the Education Amendments. Many schools complied with this only since they didn’t want all the funding they were receiving to be cut. Nevertheless, it worked and more schools started becoming stricter against sexual assault cases, but not

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