Sexual Harassment, Stereotypes, Pathos, And Cartoons

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Sexual Harassment
Based on the criteria of pathos, ethos, and logos, the editorial column is better rhetorically than the editorial cartoon. The purpose of this paper is to compare an editorial column and an editorial cartoon. The two texts I am comparing is the editorial cartoon by Gustavo Rodriguez and the editorial column by Megan Humphries on sexual harassment. I am comparing them because sexual assault is a big issue in our world today. It is a well-known social problem that commonly happens in the workplace, school, and public transportation. Sexual assault is a major issue and needs to be taken more seriously. Editorial columns are better than editorial cartoons simply because it provides better rhetorically based information.
The two
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In the editorial cartoon, you can see the look of worries on the girl face. You can see her emotions of fear as she looks over her shoulder at a shadow behind her. Female students are scared to attend college events or walk alone because of sexual harassment. Someone who has been sexually harassed might feel embarrassed, angry, helpless, and hopeless. They may have less confidence and low self-esteem. I have been verbally sexual harassed and I feel disgusted about the choice of words that have been said to me. The underlying cause of sexual assault is deeper than just the safety measures at a …show more content…
They both target similar audiences which is women on college campuses. The editorial column does a more effective job at presenting a rhetorically-based message that affects me as a target audience. I can relate to these texts because I have been sexually harassed before. There is a great difference between sexual harassment and romance or friendship, since those are mutual feelings of two people. Sexual assault doesn’t only happen to women, it can happen to anyone, no matter what age or gender. This problem in our country is not getting better, and may be getting worse. This behavior from men is not only ignored in our society—it is accepted and even expected. There needs to be education for the male student population about what specifically constitutes sexual assault and how they should treat women and maybe one day, a woman might actually say that she feels completely safe on her college

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