Pros And Cons Of Cloning Extinct Animals

The World Ends Visualize scaly, spine chilling, savage creatures rising from the dead in a lab. Technology has come so far that we can finally ask the question: Should we clone extinct animals? I think we should not clone extinct animal.I can see a hole in our food chain, new disease, nor playing God shouldn 't be an option. Imagine food be scarce for survival, and new kinds of epidemics across the land that can kill thousands in a second. Malicious people creating new species from the dead growing in number..
The Food chain who eats and who gets eaten. Cloning extinct animals comes with a series of problems commonly our food chain systems. The food chain has been design to know what specialise eat meats , plants, or both. If possible to clone
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Human should not clone extinct animal for what i think is the most important aspect. New animals that haven 't been around for years can introduce new diseases. The disease can be harmfull to humans being transmitted. Many sources and articles from national geographic has stated one of the potential harms of cloning extinct animal. Humans aren 't the only one that are affected animals are also a victim. Imagine pigs and cows or worst plants be affected. Disease can wipe out a whole spices, food decreasing rapidly for humans and animals. Let say we did bring back this clone extinct animal how would this affect our environment? We already know we can produce and lane or food enough for this creatures but they can also overpopulate the environments or destroy habitat faster than human cans or the earth can repairs on it …show more content…
But cloning extinct animals is a no man lane. Human will play god by creating this creature. Many articles in fact has stated that extinct animal would be exploited to human purposes such as zoo or there body parts to be sold. Not only are human going to exploit them but genetical modified their appearance or mix two kind of different species making news ones. Not only is this wrong but creating new creature from scratch can cause some complication and more stronger and resistance creature to viruses and weapons. Human one day will make a creature so strong that it could wipe out a whole city. But what about morals ? The dead should stay dead once dead it impossible to bring someone back to life let alone cloning in with=ch none of the personality of the previous life is the same. Lastly funding would cost a tremendous amount of money. Funding would include research ,food, habits, labs, scientist.

The article (options for irving animals by steward bard) claimspro of have cloning extinct animal such as bringing back the woolly mammoths shall bring some good but he fails to release all the conquense they could bring such as eating away landscape if they were to be cloned and in fact they don 't have the space or environment they did once

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