Pros And Cons Of Cloning Endangered Species

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Cloning endangered species to save them is a horrible idea, doing this will bring back species that could go through more pain, or be very bad for our health, to contradict, all animals deserve a chance to survive without interference by the more intelligent species’. There are pros and cons to this controversial issue. Many people want to see dinosaurs again, but do not realize how dangerous they can be. But sometimes humans are stupid enough to wipe out an entire species in a matter of decade; oops. But seriously, it’s like you hate those movie villains who try to kill of all living life forms, but the human race is that villain, we should pass a law that we all have to be named “Hippocrate”.
For one, bringing back an annoying, dumb bird, that probably gant survive on its own in this environment is the best thing for the extinct dodo species. Also, animals that are dying due to habitat loss is basically not showing mercy to all
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Plus, almost all animals who went extinct during the time humans have existed went extinct because of humans, we can be jerks sometimes. Plus, When we are younger, we are hopefully taught to clean our own messes, and extinction is one of the biggest messes we have made. To add, but it’s human nature to be lazy. According to the article 10 Marked Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloning Animals, “ A way to address the problem of endangered animal extinction through reproductive cloning.” This indicates that we can stop a lot of animals from going extinct, be the solution, not the problem, it's only ethical. The world would be better if we all just kept going. Like those stupid posters with the cat on a rope say: hang in there, they should also say: or they will drop me from this wire. No onder a lot of cat species are extinct now, posters are evil. It's kind of like we are forcing these animals to be our slaves, oh

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