Pros And Cons Of Animals Being Taken Away

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Should Animals Be Taken Away?

Taking wild animals away from their natural habitat is harmful to the animal. You shouldn’t take them because you never know how they will react to other animals of the same species, they might become aggressive or they might get along. All together it wouldn’t be a good choice. These reasons below are my thoughts on this argument.

First things first, what do they do if they are hungry but they have to wait until a certain time of day to eat, how would you feel if you were hungry and had to wait to eat until a certain time. You would probably find something and eat that, the animals don’t have that option it is up to the person in charge of the animal to feed it. They don’t learn to hunt if they are taken
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Some of these things are that animals can get aggressive towards other animals in the cage that they share, also the animals can get depressed. The animals can get anxiety or stressed out just like a person except it’s harder to tell because they can’t talk to the human who takes care of it, the animals are stressed because you took them from their natural habitat are it can harm them.

Thirdly, all of these animals can get sick. Imagine having an animal and it didn’t listen, what would you do? Would you abuse it?, because sometimes at Zoos they don’t give the animal that didn’t listen any thing to eat for that day, sometimes it get to the part where these animals are afraid of the people, the animals can’t get away from the people who don’t feed them or hurt them. Its harmful to the animals and it can traumatize them.

As you can see wild animals should not be taken away from their natural habitat,because it is harmful to the animals. They can’t hunt or learn to hunt when taken very young. They will have unnatural behaviors and get depressed. The animals can get an illness and humans might not know what is going on, so what I am saying is that taking wild animals from their natural habitat is harmful to the

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