Adult Prisons

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Adolescents, the age in which young people are still building up their reasoning and are most abnormal among all ages. While other Western nations rarely convict minors as adults, the rate of teenagers receives adult sentence in the United States is quite high compared to other countries. This creates two different opinions about the issue. One side argues that juvenile should not be charged as an adult no matter what crime juveniles commit. The other side, however, disagrees as they insist that teenagers, at such a young age, can commit such serious crime should be convicted like an adult because they are dangerous for our society, especially when once they grow up. In my opinion, juveniles should not be given adult sentences as their brains …show more content…
Adult prison is a really complicate place and most adolescents can not handle it. According to “Stickup Kid” documentary, produced by Caitlin McNally, the rate of juveniles who commit suicide in adult prison is quite high in the United States. One of the juvenile prisoners hang himself because he could not handle the environment. Adult prison is designed to punish prisoners for their wrongdoing and it is too harsh for juveniles to handle, especially when their brains are still growing. Putting them into the adult prison will affects their mind negatively and they can still return to their bad behavior after getting out of jail. In adult prison, it only offers therapy so that the prisoners can survive in prison, while in juvenile prison, it offers rehabilitation program to help juveniles change when they gets out. Clearly, the high rate of suicide in juveniles in adult prison proves that they are not as strong as adults, both mentally and physically, to go through such hard places. Sentencing them as an adult shut their doors from changing and kill their hope of becoming better

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