Proposition Medi Cal Funding Program Essay

1634 Words Nov 8th, 2016 7 Pages
Currently on the November 2016 ballot there are 17 propositions that California voters will be reading, researching, and deciding on; of these one of the most important propositions is also one that will likely not get much voter attention. Proposition 52 is one of the two healthcare propositions and will stand to affect more than 13 million Californians( yes prop 52), whether it passes or not. Proposition 52 aims to continue a Medi-Cal funding program while ensuring funding is spent in the appropriate area, that being healthcare. As with any election, understanding what one is actually voting on is crucial, unfortunately this proposition is rather confusing to those without government or medical knowledge; my intent is to discuss proposition 52, and hopefully shed some light on this important and impactful piece of legislature.
In 2009, a program was implemented to ensure funds for the state Medi-Cal program. The hospital provider fee was established to draw funds from private state hospitals, to get matching federal funds, which then are issued as supplemental payments to hospitals( calhospital). Through this program healthcare is funded for, and provided to, some of California’s most vulnerable residents, those covered under Medi-Cal. Since it’s establishment in 2009, and implementation in 2010 the program has been renewed four times by state legislation due to the immense good it does for, as of 2016 30% of the state’s population(calhospital). The hospital fee program…

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