Proposal to Implement an Employee Wellness Program at Electronics, Inc.

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Proposal to Implement an Employee Wellness Program at Electronics, Inc.
Deena Lampe
National American University

This paper is a proposal to implement an employee wellness program for the employees of Electronics, Inc. This proposal contains background on the need for, and benefits of, instituting an employee wellness program, the importance of employee wellness and productivity, and educational needs of employees to maintain health and wellness. Attracting and maintaining personnel is crucial to an organization’s success and with current trends in the labor market, retaining personnel and ensuring business stability is a continuous challenge that requires conscientious human resource management. A happy and healthy
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Healthy employees directly influence the bottom-line of all companies (1996), and sudden increases in health care costs are impossible for businesses to ignore. Consequently, keeping health-care costs low, boosting morale, increasing productivity, and reducing the rate of employee absenteeism is a payoff that every business owner should acknowledge. Working in an environment that is happy and productive is the perfect place to work, no matter, what the job is.
Employee wellness programs are essential to the long-term survival of all businesses because they have proven to reduce health care costs and absenteeism thus resulting in improved productivity. A well-designed, comprehensive, employee wellness program will focus on eliminating health risk factors in the workforce through prevention, awareness and education, which will result in a significant decrease in health care costs. Research has shown that some employers are putting smoking cessation and weight-loss programs on the chopping block in their efforts to slice fat from their budgets (2009). In doing so, this will result in an increase in health care costs since tobacco usage and obesity are the top two risk factors for heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. The World Health Organization states that tobacco use is the single largest cause of preventable death worldwide. Workplace wellness programs are a solution to the increasing cost of healthcare. Employers can be successful at getting

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