Prophet Muhammad : The Best Of The Messengers Essay

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Prophet Muhammad (S) was the best of the messengers because his message is still being installed centuries after his deaths. Prophet Muhammad spread Islam peacefully; he showed the non-Muslims the characteristics of a believer, he was patient with the converts and was responsible. A profusion of people thinks that Prophet Muhammad (S) spread Islam violently because he was racist, and commanding his followers to do a bunch of stuff.
Faith is interlinked with with the individual’s conviction. Therefore Allah says (( Let then him, who he wills, believe in it, and let who wills reject it.)) (Quran 18:29) This verse has proved that a human has given the freedom to believe in Islam or vice-versa. Many people think Islam was spread by violence, which is unacceptable in Islam. Islam does not need people to believe in it merely through words, rather it wants people to believe in it with their hearts. Therefore, through the verses in the quran and Prophet Muhamad’s (S) teachings, we can see that the Prophet (S) did not promote violence, rather he fought against it.
Have you ever asked yourself; how did Prophet Muhammad (s) spread Islam? A horde of people observes Islam as a religion that abuses women and promotes ferocity that is inaccurate. Islam is a religion of peace, its submission to Allah, and to believe in him only. Prophet Muhammad (S) was draconian regarding Islam unrolling in peace. There is an excellent narration of Osama ibn Zayd (Prophet Muhammad’s (S) companion). A…

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