Propaganda War Posters As A Effective Means Of Communication Essays

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Rhetoric is described as using language effectively and persuasively to convince or influence an audience. While rhetoric is almost always used in written or spoken form, the use of images (i.e., visual rhetoric) can be extremely persuasive as well. Visual rhetoric refers to how an audience interprets and responds to what they see with their eyes. In fact, visual rhetoric allows an audience to instantly connect with their emotional mind long before the rational side kicks in.
One of the best examples of visual rhetoric were the propaganda war posters made during WWI. Propaganda is simply a form of persuasion used to change people’s minds. Not only can propaganda be found almost everywhere, it can be good and it can be bad. At a time when television and radio did not exist, propaganda war posters became a more cost-effective means of communication. While many countries involved in WWI used propaganda war posters as a means of recruiting armed forces and raising money and resources, the most iconic image is that of Lord Horatio Kitchener. As Britain’s’ Secretary of War, Kitchener was a military leader who had the ability to organize large armies. In fact, Kitchener predicted that WWI would be long (i.e., it would last years, not months) and costly; hence, the need for money and large armies.
Because one often views a poster for only an instant (while often thinking about or engaging in other activities), getting the message across both effectively and quickly is extremely…

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