Propaganda In The Cold War

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The Cold War was an era that is a one-time occurrence. A war in which no weapons were fired and no innocent people were killed. However, it was a war that kept everyone on their toes, in fear of a nuclear destruction that will ripple through the world. There were deep-rooted ideological, economic and political differences between the United States and the Soviet Union. These differences were intensified as a result of many underlying causes. The United States and the Soviet Union represent two opposing systems of government. Throughout this period, the conflict was expressed through military coalitions, espionage, weapons development, invasions, competitive technological development, and propaganda. Propaganda was a key component of the war as both nations attempted to persuade the citizens of their nations and abroad of the evils that lurked within the Soviet Union and The …show more content…
Both nations attempted to discredit each other through propaganda because that was the easiest way to spread messages to the people. Given that the Soviet Union had strict censorship laws, the U.S took that in the favor as they published the renounced book of Boris Pasternak known as “Doctor Zhivago”. In doing so, the U.S was able to expose the unreasonable ways of communism, creating a hate with in communist Russia at the time. The Soviet government based its constitution off the ideals of communism. For a book to be published going against those ideals would cause an uproar and a potential revolt within the USSR. This is the primary reason as to “Dr Zhivago” was banned in the Soviet Union. The novel defined more than just fear for the Soviets, rather it showed the world the power that lies behind words. Since then governments have been toppled for something as small as a post on the Internet. That is exactly why the Soviets were so uptight with their

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