Promotional and Advertising Strategies Essay

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Contemporary Business

Promotional and Advertising Strategies

Dr. Polack

Dominique Townsend

Success is the level that is reached from hard work and dedication. In order for a company to reach this level it takes a motivated person or persons with a vision and drive. That would lead the company in a positive direction towards its mission and goals. There have been two television brands that came to this realization. They are LG and Panasonic. The beginning of LG began in 1958 as Goldstar. The company has since evolved into a big name in the electronic industry. One of their first major televisions was the 60 inch plasma in 1998. Their goal is to add to consumers lives by improving it every day.
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It is a positive image that is inked into the minds of their consumers. This logo creates brand recognition and differentiates them from competitors. When a person sees this logo there is no mistaking who they are. Nor would anyone ever confuse their company for another. In addition to encompassing their “life is good” motto, which aids in part of reaching their target market, the company uses an outline of how they market to customers. They are as follows prosumer marketing, customer insight marketing, responsible marketing, and digital marketing. All of these methods involve using customers, employees, and the internet to promote their company. In addition to these previously mentioned methods, LG also uses sports sponsorships to help market their company. One of the ways the partner with sporting events are via baseballs Los Angeles Dodgers stadium. This is a great way to market to sports fans who are a huge part of the companies target market.
Now on to Panasonics promotional strategies. This company sticks to the basics. They are very traditional in marketing to their consumers. These principles of marketing are part of the founder’s core values. These values are pretty simple. They embody the progression of society via their business practices. The company makes sure that they adhere to the reason they are in business. The way that they define their promotional and advertising strategies are as follows: cultural

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