Promoting Self Expression In Older Adults

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Promoting Self-Expression in Older Adults
Self-expression can mean many things to many different individuals. Each individual is unique and different in their own way. Therefore, when an individual participates in activities that promote self-expression they are highlighting their very own abilities and gifts. As an individual ages their ability levels may change, but they are still capable of participating in different activities that had once brought them joy. Older adults may even develop a new interest in different activities that they did not have time for at one point in their life. The activities may just need a couple adaptations. However, being able to take part in leisure activities such as music, art and social activities that
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Music interventions can be broken down into two different categories. Some older adults may benefit from playing an instrument while others would benefit more from listening to the music. Depending on what type of music is being played, it could bring about different emotions within older adults that may lead to a positive change (Im and Lee, 2014). Music being played from an older adult’s past has been proven to jog particular memories from that time frame (Ford, Rubin, & Giovanello, 2016). Bringing about positive memories from the past can lead to a place of familiarity for older adults. Music can be very beneficial when working with older adults with dementia. Playing music that is relevant to them can help to decrease behaviors and increase cognitive …show more content…
Going to new activities alone can cause anxiety. It’s a new place, full of new individuals. However, the more an older adult attends a group the more comfortable they will become. Groups allow individuals to build relationships with other individuals who may share their same interest allowing for new and old friendships to grow. Nevertheless, groups may be too much for some older adults. Some older adults may express their thoughts and feelings to a pet before they express them to another individual. An animal does not communicate back. Therefor it may be the only companion an older adult feels comfortable expressing his or her feelings to. Just being able to express their feelings can help an older adult to work through difficult

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