Promoting Immunizations Of Infancy And Early Childhood Essay

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Promoting Immunizations in Infancy and Early Childhood
Despite the growing scientific consensus that vaccines are safe and that neither vaccines nor mercury cause autism, a vocal minority claims otherwise. Consequently, this is threatening the effectiveness of a health promotion program set into place over 100 years ago (Anderson, 2015).
The increase in life expectancy during the 20th century is largely due to improvements in child survival; this increase is associated with reductions in infectious disease mortality, due largely to immunizations received starting in infancy and continuing through early childhood (Healthy People 2020, 2016). Healthy People 2020 goals for immunization and infectious diseases are rooted in evidence-based clinical and community activities and services for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. While there are numerous objectives to be accomplished, the main goal includes: reducing, eliminating, or maintaining elimination of cases of vaccine-preventable diseases, reducing invasive pneumococcal infections, achieving and maintaining effective vaccination coverage levels for universally recommended vaccines among young children, and increasing routine vaccination coverage levels for adolescents.
Statistical Data
Immunizations are one of the most successful programs in modern health care, reducing, and in some cases even eliminating, serious infectious diseases. Public support for the vaccination program remains strong, especially…

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