Sears Vaccine Battle Analysis

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Many people still refuse to vaccinate their children with mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) vaccine despite the evidence that has proven it to be safe and effective. these parents choose to not vaccinate their children due to the possibility of developing autism. This in turn puts the child and all other children they interact with at risk for these life-threatening diseases which had been almost completely eliminated from our society. By making inoculations mandatory for all children, it would prevent children everywhere from being at risk from such fatal diseases by eliminating them from our culture.
To understand the reasoning behind why people would choose not to immunize their children, it is first important to know about the research
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Soumya Karlamangla is the author of the article “Board Action Renews Vaccine Battle,” which entails the case of Dr. Bob Sears, an Orange County pediatrician who is an outspoken anti-vaccination activist who recently has had his medical license pulled by the Medical Board of California because of his views on vaccination laws. Dr. Jay Gordon is a fellow physician who is close to Sears, and when asked about Sears he said he was “seriously dedicated to the health and welfare of children,” despite openly knowing his views on immunization. Nonetheless, the majority of medical professionals, as well as know medical organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics support the MMR vaccine and fully encourage parents to fully immunize their children. In her editorial “Vaccine Opponents Hold Firm” author Emily Foxhall provides statistics from a website called “The Anti-Vaccine Body Count” she annotates that since 2007 there have 144,886 preventable illnesses, 6312 preventable deaths, and 0 autism diagnoses scientifically linked to vaccinations. While some of the parents who choose not to immunize their children are aware that there isn’t a direct correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism, many still believe that their child is capable fight off life-threatening diseases own their …show more content…
In her article, “Pushback on Vaccine ‘Hesitancy’” Melissa Healy describes how patient’s concerns have shifted; in 2006 three-fourths of parent showed reluctance to vaccinate because they fear their children being at risk for developing autism. However, more parents are becoming aware of the evidence that proves autism is not directly correlated to the MMR vaccine. Healy then continues by further annotating about more recent worries of parents against inoculation such as: overloading their child’s immune system, the pain and discomfort the shots can cause, as well as the rare side effects that can possibly occur. Another growing problem amongst modern parents, is that some are now choosing to vaccinate, they just are opting to delay when they give their child shots. While the parents do not see a problem by waiting, they are in fact leaving their child completely exposed, and capable of spreading a disease to a child who is physically unable to be vaccinated. Sumathi Reddy who wrote, “A Big Vaccine Problem: Parents Who Delay Shots,” explains the fault behind these parents’ thinking; she states that: “children are exposed to catching vaccine-preventable diseases at the most vulnerable ages and potentially threaten the concept of herd immunity which requires that the vast majority of a population is vaccinated to protect those who can 't get a

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