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STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP Managers provide leadership to an organisation. Organisational leaders influence the behaviour of subordinates so that they willingly and enthusiastically work towards the achievement of organisational objectives. Strategic leaders manage the strategic management process that is designed to help the organisation achieve its objectives. Strategic leadership is the ability to lead an organisation towards the achievement of its objectives. The tasks involved in exercising strategic leadership are typically to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility and empower others to create strategic change as and when necessary.
Strategic leaders are the lynchpin in the strategic management process. Among the strategic
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THE TASKS OF STRATEGIC LEADERS :- The phenomenon of leadership has been studied and researched extensively, for a number of years in various disciplines besides management studies, resulting in numerous theories and models. One of the themes in leadership is the tasks that strategic leaders are called upon to perform. In the terminology of Dubin (1979), leadership at the highest levels of the organisation (i.e. strategic leadership) is concerned with performing the task of leadership of organisations rather than leadership in organisations. By leadership of organisations is meant those tasks that are performed by the top managers, while leadership in organisations refers to supervisory management tasks performed by lower-level managers. This is an important distinction between strategic leaders and other organisational leaders. Strategic leaders are at the top level of the organisation, while organisational leaders are to be found anywhere. Organisational leadership is about the leader-follower relationship while strategic leadership is, in addition, a strategic and symbolic activity. Since there is a distinction between strategic leaders and other organisational leaders, their respective tasks also differ. There are many different ways in which the tasks of strategic leaders can be described. We present here the five more important tasks that strategic leaders typically are

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