Project Report On Charity Water Essay

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Charity Water is a Non- Government Organization founded by Scott Harrison in 2006, with mission to “bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.” (Charity Water Our Mission, 2016)

Involve stakeholders: A
To measuring the impact and to grade the involvement of the stakeholders, I had identified a list of stakeholders, which are; Stuffs, volunteers, local governments, brand partnerships (Google, Caterpillar, Emergen-C) and corporation sponsors.
Charity water, involve all their partners in planning process including select point of location and assessments of need, Charity water and the selected partners will choose the appropriate technology that would suite geography of the land or the location selected. I think involvement between Charity water and stakeholders is well involved.

Understand what Change: A I believe, charity water is well established the idea of change and crate an understanding of why clean water is important to developing nations. I trust that all stakeholders contributed and supported charity water in any possible ways, which also related to involvement of stakeholders.

Value the things that matter: A The value of what’s matter from 2014 annual report, charity water raised over $27.9 million. In 2011, a story of a girl; Rachel Beckwith, 9 year-old whose choose to raised money on birthday and donate to charity water, but unfortunately of luck she got into a car accident, in…

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