Project Based Learning ( Pbl ) Essays

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It starts from infancy. Effective learning has occurred through curiosity and active engagement from the very beginning. Think about how a baby discovers the world around him. He will experiment and research by touching, feeling, tasting and exploring everything in his environment. He explores with a heightened spirit of inquiry and he overloads his senses at every opportunity. Project Based Learning (PBL) is simply a way to enhance a student’s curiosity, and allow them the opportunity to work through their learning with the same ups and downs that they encountered when they first learned to walk. Instead of just ingesting the educational material spoonfed to them, students have the opportunity to actually experience the journey of their learning process. PBL is an instructional strategy that actually dates back to the 1890’s and was used to teach medicine. Today, PBL consists of collaborative student groups that are working together to solve an authentic, real world problem that they have a vested interest in. The students will then take an extended period of time, from several weeks to an entire year, to work on solving the problem. After the project is completed the group of students will present their findings. For a quality PBL assignment the audience that the project is presented to should reach beyond the classroom walls. This extended audience inspires higher quality work from the students. Teachers are no longer the center of the instruction but take on…

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