Essay about Project Analysis : Project Management

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It is almost a given that there will be unforeseen circumstances during that lifecycle of any project that may threaten that success of the project. Successful project managers take on project with apprehension in order to quickly identify and mitigate any obstacles that may impede the overall success of the project. It is important to recognize that these potential impediments to the success of the project could be both internally and externally driven. For example, a client deciding change his or her needs or desires in the middle of the project would be an internal factor, while a change in any socioeconomic factors that affect the project would be considered an external influence. In the project planning and definition stages, a scope document is created to articulate all the project agreements by all parties. “Any change in expectations that is not captured and documented creates the opportunity for confusion” (Darnall & Preston, 2010). These changes during the project lifecycle that tend to steer the project away from its original scope are known as project creeps.
There are four types that could affect a project namely; scope creep, effort creep and fracture creep. The most weighted is the scope creep. As its name infers, it affects the entire scope of the project and can hinder the overall success of the project. Scope Creep occurs when the project starts to move outside the boundaries of the original project scope. This can occur when the scope of a project is not…

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